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Custom Modular Displays | DesignerLine

Displays on the Net Custom Modular Designerline Displays Classic, Structure, and Designerline 2 represent the newest Custom Modular Trade Show Booth Display Technology! This amazing new design in modular displays offers a wealth of options to create a look that’s perfect for your needs and stays within your trade show marketing budget. You can achieve professional results even from a display supplier on the internet!Choose from high quality inkjet mural panels that come with a lifetime warranty against delamination and fading. Printed tension fabric graphics offer spectacular image quality and can be folded up small…pretty much crush proof!

Customize your new booth display with a variety of wing and header shapes. Contemporary frosted plexiglass is standard on most models and options include graphic wings, black or white sintra panels, or your choice of several wood grain and solid laminate colors selected for durability and looks on the trade show floor. Use these options as accent colors combined with your selections for counter top and base panels to achieve a standout look coordinated with your graphic design.

New Trade Show Booth Display Designs for Light Weight Display Walls that Say WOW and get noticed on the trade show floor!

Click on each product to get full pricing, specs, plans, and accessory options available.

DesignerLine Classic USA Made

Our trade show workstation designs with storage space combine great looks and easy to to assemble functionality. They pack in a single UPS-able wheeled case.

10-ft-aluminum-high-end-display-DesignerLine 10-x-20-customizable-trade-show-exhibit designerline-display-options-features-
 $ 5,395
DesignerLine Classic 20′ DesignerLine Classic

DesignerLine Classic 2 (Import)

tradeshow-aluminum-display-wave-canopy 10-x-20-aluminum-display-wave-canopy 20x20-trade-show-modern-exhibit
 $ 4,396
10′ DesignerLine Classic 2 20′ DesignerLine Classic 2 20′ DesignerLine Classic 2

DesignerLine Structure

10-ft-aluminum-display-with-graphics 10X20-modern-tradeshow-aluminum-display designerline-display-options-features-
 $ 5,695
10′ DesignerLine Structure 20′ DesignerLine Structure

DesignerLine Form

10x10-customizable-aluminum-display 10x20-trade-show-customizable-exhibit designerline-form-display-options-features-
10′ DesignerLine Form 20′ DesignerLine Form

DesignerLine Kiosks, Counters, TV and Ipad Mounts

trade-show-octanorm-kiosks-tv-ipad trade-show-diamond-shape-laminate-counter trade-show-double-counter
Starting at $2,450
Starting at $975
Starting at $1,195
DesignerLine Kiosk  DesignerLine Diamond Counter DesignerLine Double Diamond Counter

trade-show-square-counter-laptop trade-show-counter-attachs-to-display trade-show-tv-and-ipad-mount
Starting at $995
Starting at $395
$225 each
DesignerLine Square Counter DesignerLine Form Counter TV / iPad Mount

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