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Displays on the Net in Los Angeles, brings over 30 years of trade show industry experience to clients, ensuring that they receive true professional service. We do more than sell trade show booth displays. We make sure your investment pays off by providing information both new and experienced exhibitors need to make well-informed decisions. We only sell high-quality trade show products made in the USA. We understand the tremendous difference between durability and user experience that domestic display products offer over low priced imports from China. You’ll always save money when you buy quality! click here for more information on why we offer the best value in low cost pop up displays!

Displays On The Net is a division of Image Design and Communications , Inc., a full-service Trade Show Exhibit House in Southern California, specializing in new trade show designs in Custom Modular Trade Show Displays and Graphics.

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Trade show displays from Displays on the Net!

Our full range of portable displays provides exhibitors with spectacular value. The possibilities for effective trade show marketing graphics are endless! 


TensionLite Ultra Portable Displays

These ultra-portable booth designs pack in durable canvas bags which blends the same high-resolution fabric print quality with maximum cost savings and portability. Display hardware is lighter, more compact and comes with a 5-year warranty.
Products range from 6’ tabletop displays and smaller free standing two sided towers for in-line and island booth spaces to complete 10ft. back wall displays. Designed for low cost, maximum portability with the same high-quality fabric graphics we’re known for!

TensionLite Ultra Portable 10ft. Straight Shape Design is ideal for Trade show with an Ultra Portable Display

TensionLite Plus Portable and Custom Modular Displays

These ultra high-quality portable displays include wheeled shipping cases and above industry
standard quality hardware. This product line offers a wide range of additional design
components that let you custom tailor your display to fit your one unique needs..and set you
apart from the others on the show floor!
Designs range from in-line 10ft. and 20ft. booth spaces along with accessory structures for
island booth spaces. Display towers and entrance arches are available up to 16ft. tall and 20ft.

TensionLIte Plus Custom 20ft. Modular Exhibit Series 2 Design 2 trade show display

TensionLite Plus Curve, Straight and Wave Shape Mural Wall Displays

This is our most extensive line of 10ft and 20ft. In-line displays the feature maximum size
graphic mural space. These great back walls are available with a number of options and
accessories for flat screen mounts, product shelves, standoff graphics for a 3D look and
more. Together they provide the customization options you want to get you noticed on the
show floor according to your needs. Plus, custom connector wall panels let you easily create
reconfigurations between 10ft. and 20ft. booth spaces.

TensionLite Plus 10 ft. Curve Shape Mural Wall Design 6

TensionLite Plus Reversible Mural Wall Displays

These designs provide maximum flexibility and long term value. Combine geometric shapes
and sizes to create your own unique design and reconfigure them to create a new look as
well!. The modular, aluminum framed components can be turned around to show a different
graphic or flipped over on the other side so the bottom becomes the top..and move the
shapes in a different order! This is one way to freshen the look for multiple trade shows! Dare
to be different!

TensionLite Plus 20 ft. Straight Shape Mural Wall Design 1 trade show display

TensionLite Plus Custom Modular Exhibits

These exhibit designs are the perfect blend of maximum portability and modular design. Perfect for
exhibitors who want a different look or have multiple shows in different booth size spaces.
Because the lightweight sections are separate, you can use the same exhibit with different
graphics in the most cost-effective way. Here’s the perfect opportunity to illustrate how
creative you are..your customers will see how well you can provide creative solutions to their
needs at the same time!

TensionLite Plus Custom 20ft. Modular Exhibit Series 4 Design 4 trade show display

TensionLite Plus Towers, Entrance Arches, and Meeting Rooms

These exhibit structures are perfect for Island trade show booth spaces! We offer four
different tower designs, Contour, 3 sided Contour, Round and Square Towers that range in
height from 8ft. to 16ft. Impressive entrance arches provide functional visibility with the benefit of lightweight compact packing. Not only do these structures provide an impressive presence in your island exhibit but they
do so with maximum cost efficiency!

TensionLite Plus 8ft. Square Tower Exhibit Design 3 for island trade show booth designs

Modular Exhibits

DesignerLine Lite Displays

This exciting new product line of new trade show designs provides beautiful 3D custom
exhibit features while stretching the limits of portability. Engineering on the
DesignerLine Lite brand is state of the art in our industry. These designs utilize high-quality
lightweight precision aluminum extrusions specially designed to create superb fit and finish
for our high resolution printed tension fabric. Together they combine to create custom shapes
and exceptional design. Great looks that deliver your trade show marketing message with the
cost-saving value of state of the art engineering. DesignerLine Lite is a great solution for
many exhibitors!

DesignerLine F Series Modular Exhibits and Counters

The modular design of the new DesignerLine F Series provides true custom trade show
exhibit design at an affordable cost. Lightweight aluminum extrusion structure components
and high resolution printed fabric let us offer you this great opportunity to step up to the next
level of professional trade show exhibits. We provide 20ft. x 20ft. Island booth space exhibits in this series as well!

Sophisticated exhibit design on the trade show floor

The sophisticated, striking appearance of our DesignerLine F Series Modular exhibits
takes exhibit design to a new level. The DesignerLine F Series is a collection of modular and reconfigurable exhibit back walls and counters that feature heavy-duty aluminum frames, push-fit fabric
graphics and high-end features such as tables, monitor mounts, interior LED lighting
and more. The intricacy of the details makes these exhibits impossible not to notice.
Versatile inline 10’ x 20’ exhibit designs reconfigure to 10 x 10 booth space versions, increasing
the value and lifecycle of the exhibit, as well as the investment. Counters can be mixed
and matched and are often used for non-tradeshow applications as well; the quality is
like a custom-made furniture piece!

All DesignerLine F display wall frames are quality crafted and manufactured in North
America. All high-resolution print push-fit and pillowcase fabric graphics are produced
in North America, printed on state-of-the-art, G7 color certified printers and are
finished by hand.

Designer Line F Series 20 x20 ft. Modular Exhibit Design 18 Trade Show Island booth design

Custom V Series Exhibits

The Custom V Series of fabric exhibit back walls combines aluminum extrusion frames with
push-fit fabric graphics to create a versatile banner, back wall, hanging art or display. These
great designs can be used to display messaging or art in a corporate environment or at a
tradeshow and feature aluminum extrusion frame and single or double-sided graphics.
Our Custom V Series displays focus on large trade show graphic murals and crisp clean
design. The perimeter push-fit fabric graphics attach to special aluminum parts that create
great modular 3D designs sure to get noticed on the show floor. Available slat wall,
backlighting, and built-in counters let you custom design your trade show exhibit just for you!