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10’x 20′ Trade Show Modular Exhibit | DesignLine Structure


New high tech trade show display design in linear trade show booths!

What’s better than a 10′ DesignLine Structure? Only the ability to have a conversion that gives your trade show display the same powerful look in 20 ft. ! The back lit logo sign on top gives you a full 10′ of Duratrans too! This amazing new modular booth design has a custom look yet packs in UPS-able cases on wheels. The seamless photo mural panels tell your story with super size graphics. Custom cabinet style counters complete your high end look.

[ddownload id=9608]


A unique look on the trade show floor sure to get you noticed and project the image you want!

Displays on the Net’s DesignLine Structure line projects a look perfect for software, electronics, computer and industrial companies with industrial products. The custom looking display design supports the graphics that make the difference either way. A bold confident design we love!

Packing Made Simple, click on photo to enlarge:


 [ddownload id=9887]

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