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Offering a Full Range of Portable and Modular Trade Show Displays

Portable Displays

Portable Trade Show Displays are designed to be lightweight and easy to set up. We specialize in high resolution printed fabric that delivers your marketing message in brilliant color and crisp detail. We’ve found ways to maximize the benefits of using this type of high-resolution dye sublimation printed fabric graphics to help you stand out on the trade show floor. (Read More)

Modular Exhibit Systems

Modular Trade Show Exhibit Systems, while still portable, generally include aluminum hardware for more sophisticated structures and designs. Modular exhibits blend the features of portable displays with sophisticated designs that can generally be reconfigured to other booth sizes. Primarily, the components used are modular meaning the design is comprised of identical parts making set up easy, an important factor on the trade show floor. (Read More)


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Portable Displays (continued)

Our designs provide expansive seamless graphic murals with relatively lightweight mounting hardware. The resulting quality and value meet the high standards of trade show marketing professionals.  

At the heart of our portable design concepts, we’ve utilized strong but lightweight aluminum tubing and our high quality printed fabric. Aluminum tube connections are easy to assemble. You’ll enjoy the professional quality of workmanship and design of every Displays On The Net product at every trade show!

Portable Display Designs

We sell a wide selection of portable exhibit displays that are designed to meet your trade show, convention, and presentation needs. Portable displays offer a great way to sell your products and services at promotional events. Our complete line of portable displays includes everything you need to make your next event a success.

Portable displays can make all the difference in the experience that a company has at a tradeshow, convention or expo. You can arrive at the exhibition hall and have your display set up in no time! These portable exhibits offer lightweight, easy to set up, flexible designs that will help you present your products and services with professionalism and style. Tradeshows and other promotional events can be a crucial part of making your business a success; they give your company invaluable exposure and allow you to reach hundreds of people at one time. Our portable displays help you to put your best foot forward and show your customers what you are selling and why they should invest in you. Our line of portable exhibit displays includes everything you need for a successful exhibit. 

Portable counters offer a convenient place to display literature and demonstrate products. Booth accessories can also help separate you from the competition with fit and finish. Spotlights and banner lighting also help make your message jump out. 

Portable exhibits offer a great way to advertise your business at trade shows and other promotional events.

We sell all of the portable exhibits that you need to make your next event a successful one. Give us a call for fast, friendly, professional service!



Modular Exhibit Systems (continued)

Modular exhibit systems and displays provide exhibitors with sophisticated, custom-looking exhibits that stand the test of time, and can adapt and evolve from show to show. Using standardized components as building blocks, modular trade show displays can often be reconfigured to fit multiple booth size spaces and be customized to fit unique needs. 

Display Design Options

There are several display options available to you if you’re getting ready for a trade show. Modular booth systems may be a great option for you if you go to several trade shows a year and don’t have the same amount of space at each show. These display exhibits allow you to showcase the most exciting aspects of your products and services in a way that is modern and visually appealing. If you think a modular display would be best for your business, here are a few things you should know.

Using Modularity for maximum benefit

Modular trade show exhibits allow you to use a few modules to create your entire trade show area. Customize one section to showcase your newest product or service, and another section that includes all your contact information. Each wall section can also be customized to feature your company’s colors and logo, which can be featured at the center of your display space to grab the attention of attendees. 

Planning for multiple booth sizes

Modular exhibits help you to make the most of the event space you have without feeling like your exhibit is overcrowded. You can use as many sections as you need to make your booth space complete. If you don’t have much space to work with, one or two wall sections should contain the most important information. Combining large and small wall sections can also make practical use of the space you have. 

A variety of shapes and sizes

When it comes to modularity, the shape of the wall sections can make a big difference. Curved, flat and contour top components can provide eye-catching appeal as they deliver your marketing message.


Trade Show Displays on the Net

We’ve been assisting trade show exhibitors with high-quality professional solutions for almost 20 years. We’ve been offering durable, high-quality US made trade show display products since 1999. We are the portable division of Image Design and Communications, a full-service industry supplier for sales of portable and custom displays to turnkey rentals of 10 ft. booth size displays to Double Decks.

Here at Displays on the Net, we offer a full range of portable and modular trade show displays featuring 3 exciting new lines within the TensionLite and TensionLite Plus brands.

DesignerLine Lite, DesignerLine F and Custom V Series displays and exhibits provide a new level of sophisticated custom designs for 10ft. booth spaces up to 20ft. x 20ft. and larger trade show Island booths.

Portable and modular trade show design has evolved significantly over the last 30 years and while some styles are tried and true well-known formats, the newest designs focus on extremely high-resolution fabric prints. What makes us different is how we use them! Please take a look at all these US made products feature state of the art design. You’ll enjoy the kind of high quality we’re known for that far exceeds the lower priced imports.

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