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Portable Displays

TensionLite Ultra Portable


1. Portable Displays - TensionLite Ultra Portable Displays

TensionLite Plus Mural Walls


1. Portable Displays, TensionLite Plus

PortaMural Pre-attached graphic murals


Custom Portable Displays

TensionLite Plus Options: Monitor Stands, Shelves, Tower Bridges, Connector Panels for 20 ft.

2. Custom Portable TensionLite Plus Options

TensionLite Plus Towers, Entrance Arches and Meeting Rooms

2. Custom Portable TensionLite Plus Towers, entrance arches

TensionLite Plus Monitor Kiosks, Charging stations


Lightweight Modular Exhibits

TensionLite Plus Custom Modular

3. Lightweight Modular - TensionLite Plus Custom Modular Exhibits

DesignerLine Lite

3. Lightweight Modular - DesignerLine Lite

Portable Modular Exhibits

Custom V Series

4. Portable Modular Exhibits - Custom V Series

DesignerLine F Series

4. Portable Modular Exhibits - DesignerLine F y

Modular Exhibits and Custom Counters

Custom Fusion Plus

5. Custom Fusion Plus (NEW)

DesignerLine Modular Counters


Table Tops and Banner Stands

Table Tops

TensionLite Ultra Portable Straight Shape Table Top Display Trade Show Portable Flat Screen Style Presentation

Banner Stands

6. Accessories - Portable Counters- remove background (NEW)

Custom Rental Exhibits

10 ft. Displays


20 ft. Displays


Island Booth Exhibits


Two Story Double Deck Exhibits



Monitor Stands / Custom V Series


Portable Counters

6. Accessories - Portable Counters- remove background (NEW)

Hanging Signs

6. Accessories - Hanging Signs (NEW)

Shipping Cases and Lights


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Portable Displays (continued)

Our designs provide expansive seamless graphic murals with relatively lightweight mounting hardware. The resulting quality and value meets the high standards of trade show marketing professionals. At the heart of our portable design concepts, we’ve utilized strong but lightweight aluminum tubing and our high quality printed fabric graphics. 

At the heart of our portable design concepts, we’ve utilized strong but lightweight aluminum tubing and our high quality printed fabric. Aluminum tube connections are easy to assemble.


Modular Exhibit Systems (continued)

Modular exhibit systems and displays provide exhibitors with sophisticated, custom-looking exhibits that stand the test of time, and can adapt and evolve from show to show. Using standardized components as building blocks, modular trade show displays can often be reconfigured to fit multiple booth size spaces and be customized to fit unique needs. 

Modular displays are used in tradeshows and events and are often used as permanent displays in museums and educational environments and in retail settings.



Displays on the Net has been assisting trade show exhibitors with high-quality professional solutions for almost 20 years. We’ve been offering durable, high-quality US made trade show display products since 1999. We are the portable division of Image Design and Communications, a full-service industry supplier for sales of portable and custom displays to turnkey rentals of 10 ft. booth size displays to Double Decks.

Here at Displays on the Net, we offer a full range of portable and modular trade show displays featuring 3 exciting new lines within the TensionLite and TensionLite Plus brands.

DesignerLine, DesignerLine F and Custom V Series displays and exhibits provide a new level of sophisticated custom designs for 10ft. booth spaces up to 20ft. x 20ft. and larger trade show Island booths.

Portable and modular trade show design has evolved significantly over the last 30 years and while some styles are tried and true well-known formats, the newest designs focus on extremely high-resolution fabric prints. What makes us different is how we use them! Please take a look at all these US made products feature state of the art design and the kind of high quality we’re known for that far exceeds the lower priced imports.

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