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Portable Modular Trade Show Booth Displays

Portable Modular Trade Show Booth Displays

We offer a wide variety of Trade Show display back walls in 22 Portable and Modular formats. Many are new designs in lightweight fabric display products.

Quickly and easily make an impact with a portable display solution! Portable displays are perfect for use in trade shows, conferences, corporate events, retail/commercial environments and more.
Portable displays, as the name implies, are designed to be fast and easy to set up, take down, store and ship. These displays are ideal for companies exhibiting at multiple shows and include everything from full-scale exhibits to banner stands, table covers, collapsible displays, counters, and much more.
Portable displays are often an inexpensive option when compared to fully custom exhibits. Despite this, portable exhibits and modular kits can easily have the same impact as a large-scale display, and off-the-shelf kits can be customized to meet any need. Portable exhibits and banner stands come with custom, high-impact graphics, and accessory options like lighting and literature racks can be added to a display for additional branding and messaging opportunities.
Browse through a wide selection of stylish, portable displays. There is a solution available for every budget!

Portable Displays – Three Options

TensionLite and TensionLite Plus Displays provide maximum, lightweight portability and set up simplicity. These displays ship in Canvas Carry Bags or Wheeled Cases and Orbus Formulate Fabric Backwalls
Lightweight fabric displays that feature an easy-to-assemble aluminum frame and pillowcase graphics. Available in multiple lines, from economy to premium to modular, providing a quality display for every exhibiting space. Orbus
Browse the wide range or sophisticated, lightweight, simple assembly displays and accessories. Structures range from unique 8ft accents to towering 20ft tall displays that are sure to make an impact at any trade show or event. Stunning fabric graphics are created using top of the line equipment and processes, which are sure to convey branding and messaging effectively on any structure.
Our tension fabric display structures are ideal to present a polished, professional appearance with minimal effort. Find the display solution right for you!

• TensionLite Displays

TensionLite displays provide great designs in a lighter weight format than TensionLite Plus. Aluminum tube sizes are slightly smaller and these displays pack in Canvas Bags for maximum portability. TensionLite Mini-Walls provide lots of options to mix and match display wall components!

• TensionLite Plus Displays

TensionLite Plus Displays feature a full 5-year warranty and the highest quality components. This wide variety of display types and styles all ship in sturdy wheeled cases.

• PortaMural Expanding frame-graphic murals (New)

PortaMural and PortaMural Backlit expanding frame pop up displays are a highly portable display option that is available in a wide variety of sizes and feature many customization options. Graphics attach to special frame bars on the top bottom and sides of the display that give it a crisp clean professional appearance far and above any other expanding frame display. The backlighting option is easy to use with a convenient light bar for the top and bottom and opaque reflector panel in the back. Orbus

Custom Portable Displays Three Options

• TensionLite Plus Options: Tower Bridges, Connector Panels (New)

These great display options enhance the functionality of any TensionLite Plus backwall and add more real estate for messaging and product display. With monitor supports, literature pockets, shelves, tables, counters and more, it is easy to find the accent that best suits any need.
Choose from Backwall Connectors, graphic accents, and accessories, and canopies to enhance branding and messaging by adding a dynamic look to your display. The additional graphic display area can be used to compliment backwall graphics and messaging, creating a custom, unique design sure to stand out from the competition. Find the perfect messaging addition to your master backwall today!

• TensionLite Plus Towers, Entrance Arches and Meeting Rooms
Enhance your display with Formulate® back wall accents and accessories. Additional space for messaging, counters, monitor mounts and more are available. An option for every display. Browse a range of tension fabric structures, including funnels, arches, towers, conference areas, video walls and more! Orbus

• TensionLite Plus Monitor Kiosks, Charging stations. (New)

Whether you are displaying products in a showroom, looping videos of your store or portfolio at a trade show or displaying a welcome message in your lobby, modular kiosk displays convey media with style. With numerous unique styles to choose from, these kiosks are designed to display media with elegance. Kiosk displays couple sturdy, modular aluminum hardware with rigid graphic panels or printed fabric graphics while remaining durable and portable.
These products durably and easily display multi-media messaging. Added counters and fabric or rigid graphics make it easy to add literature or branding to accompany. Tabletops and monitor mounts add additional functionality with a custom look and flare. Countertops are available in four thermoform laminate finishes for versatility. Browse the wide range of modular kiosks available to find the one that is right for your needs!

Portable Modular Exhibits Two Options

These sophisticated designs provide custom looks with 3D wall configurations and aluminum frame construction. DesignerLine F Series adds blends sophisticated architectural designs with modular engineering to provide slat wall, backlighting additional flat-screen display capability.

• Custom V Series Exhibits

Wow any audience with the clean, contemporary appearance of Custom V Series Displays. Available in Essential and Master collections, these backwalls, banners, exhibit kits and more are easy-to-assemble, reconfigurable and customizable display solutions.
Custom V Series displays couple simple aluminum extrusion frames with push-fit SEG fabric graphics to provide a modern and stylish appearance. These systems feature accessories such as counter displays, shelving, literature holders and lighting. Backlit graphics are also available to make branding and messaging stand out from the crowd. Make a strong and lasting impression in a retail environment or at the next trade show or event. Find your solution today!  Custom V Series modular displays are available in Master and Essential orbus collections, and come with a wide variety of accessories and customization options.

• DesignerLine F Series Exhibits

DesignerLine F Series Modular exhibits are a series of sophisticated, modular and reconfigurable exhibit backwalls, kits and counters that feature aluminum extrusion frames and push-fit SEG fabric graphics. Hybrid Pro portable modular display kits are available in 10ft and 20ft inline exhibits, as well as 20ft island displays.
The versatile 20ft inline displays reconfigure to 10′ inline versions, increasing the value and lifecycle of the exhibit! Browse the wide range of striking displays perfect for trade show and event applications. DesignerLine F Series modular exhibit Designs are stylish display solutions that can reconfigure between 10ft and 20ft exhibits. Quality and versatility orbus.

Modular Trade Show Exhibits Four Options

For a smart, versatile and sophisticated off-the-shelf exhibit with a custom appearance, turn to modular displays. The wide-ranging line of modular exhibits use standardized aluminum or steel components as building blocks and can often be reconfigured to fit multiple size spaces or customized for any need.
Designed as a more affordable custom solution, modular displays allow for unique displays with customized branding options while being budget-friendly.

New ideas in trade show booth designs

Modular designs streamline the exhibit design process while still allowing for all types of additional branding elements and accessories.
Modular designs feature top quality graphics designed with state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Our large selection of kits is the perfect solution for trade shows, events, retail spaces and more. With so many options available, a unique modular solution is available for every environment and exhibiting need.
Lightweight Modular Exhibits Two Options
Custom Modular and DesignerLine Lite Displays combine modular components for increased design flexibility in a lightweight portable format. Easy to assemble aluminum tubes and high-resolution printed fabric provide spectacular graphic messaging. These displays ship in wheeled cases.

• TensionLite Custom Modular Exhibits

TensionLite Custom Modular Reconfigurable Backwall Displays are the perfect display for multiple, different-sized exhibit spaces. Modulate offers a custom modular solution that reconfigures into smaller or larger sized exhibits.

• DesignerLine Lite Exhibits

As one of our premium lines in our fabric display collection, DesignerLine Lite features unique angles, features and stylistic elements making them modern and sophisticated exhibit solutions. Available in 10ft, 20ft, and 30ft inline back walls, the DesignerLine Lite series couples lightweight aluminum tube frames with push-fit SEG and zipper pillowcase fabric graphics for a clean, stylish appearance.
Many Designer portable display orbus designs come with unique accessories, including monitor mounts, graphic accents, and fabric canopies. This adds dimension to the display and provides an opportunity for multi-media messaging, allowing you to easily connect to your audience in any environment. Explore the wide variety of appearances, accents, and sizes available today!
Modular Exhibits and Custom Counters Two Options
These sophisticated exhibits provide high-end custom design visibility using lightweight materials and modular engineering. Shipping containers range from molded plastic tubs to wood crates.

• Custom Fusion Plus Exhibits

Custom Fusion Plus Island Exhibits feature unique 20′ x 20′ and 20′ x 30′ designs as well as large, elevated display areas to broadcast your brand. Dominate the exhibit hall with these 20′ x 20′ island exhibits and stand out from the rest! Architectural lines and shapes with the latest developments in fabric create a sophisticated, memorable and breathtaking presence orbus.
Some designs feature organically shaped, eye-catching structures that allow for ample floor space for traffic flow, product demonstrations, and engaging meetings. Curved fabric arches provide areas within the space for shelving to display merchandise and products, as well as two areas for TVs to display digital media.

• DesignerLine Modular Counters (New)

For a stand-alone display or to add function and flair to any modular trade show exhibit, event or POP display, browse the extensive line of counters available in several different styles and appearances. Mix and match to create the ideal display or reception setup, or pair complementary lines together for a coordinated display. All modular counters feature state-of-the art printed graphics for a finished appearance.
Counters act as a natural greeting area for your audience, making them the perfect addition to any display. Browse our extensive line of counters today!
Make a stunning impression on any trade show floor, corporate or retail environment with a collection of off-the-shelf, superior quality fabric displays. Our selection includes exhibit back walls & accessories, exhibits kits, hanging structures, and signs, to tension fabric structures and accents such as tower displays, arches and more!

Tabletops and Banner Stand Displays

We offer a wide variety of tabletop displays and the most popular sizes in single- and double-sided banner stands. Table covers are available in printed and imprinted options and various sizes. Table runners add a polished look to any tabletop.

Trade Show Accessories Four Options

• Monitor Stands / Custom V Series

Custom V Series monitor stands and kiosks are an excellent stand along with multimedia display and can also be added to a multitude of exhibit back walls for additional functionality and media presentations. The tube frame assembles easily with spigot connectors and can support a medium monitor up to 40″ in size and 50 lbs. The single-sided monitor kiosk 01 is a sleek, stylish way to display media at any trade show, event, in a retail or corporate space. Featuring orbus a single or double-sided printed push-fit fabric graphic, easy to assemble 100mm (4in) aluminum extrusion frame and a single monitor mount, this kiosk is an ideal multimedia display solution.

• Portable Counters

Our portable trade show and lobby design counters provide lightweight, compact counter options with great looking graphics.

• Trade Show Hanging Signs – Two price points, 30 Styles

Hanging Banners clearly and effectively broadcast your brand and messaging in any environment. Choose from customizable and versatile Indoor or Outdoor Hanging Banners or the wide-ranging line of Hanging Structures to find the perfect advertising, messaging or branding solution. TensionLite and TensionLite Plus Hanging Signs and Structures project your brand across an event or trade show floor. Multiple sizes and designs are available.

• TensionLite Basic Banners and signs

The light-duty US-made hanging signs provide US-made quality at an import price. Lighter weight than TensionLite Plus, they ship in canvas bags and come with a one-year warranty.

• TensionLite Plus Full Range Banners and signs

TensionLite Plus trade show hanging signs and banners provide the highest quality available in a wide range of styles and sizes.

• Shipping Cases and Lights.

• Display Lighting

Proper lighting in a display can make all the difference when it comes to attracting an audience and making your message stand out. Orbus Display lighting can be used for a multitude of displays. Lighting options include LED stem lights in both flood and spotlight configurations. LED wall washer lamps are available in white or multi-color options

• Shipping Cases

We offer a wide range of shipping cases, from wheeled canvas bags and UPS-able wheeled portable display cases to larger shipping tubs and wood crates. Quality constructed Shipping cases are the number one option for protecting your exhibit and can be used for practically any display. These heavy-duty cases are one of the best investments you can make!

Custom Trade Show Rental Exhibits Four Options

We always publish itemized Fixed Cost turnkey pricing that includes transportation and labor. Visit www.TurnKeyTradeShowExhibitRentals.com to view all offerings. Renting is a cost effective solution that makes sense for companies with one big show a year. We store your graphics for free! Save money on your second rental is you re-use some or all of your graphics. Renting your trade show exhibit saves on the large initial investment, storage and maintenance. Transportation to and from the show along with set up and dismantle labor are all included on one invoice. We coordinate those services and assist you with other forms including the booth orientation and electrical plan maps. 

Published, itemized pricing – a new concept in exhibit and display rentals

We think that’s the best, most straight forward way of doing business. Our 30+ years of trade show exhibit experience allows us to provide an unmatched understanding of your vision for success on the trade show floor.
We start with the design process; establish the perfect look and functionality you need. Generally, at that point, you’ll know exactly what your total cost will be. There are no surprises!
Our turnkey rental pricing includes transportation, set up and dismantle labor all on one pre-show invoice. However, we assist in a number of ways during the production process. During the design process, we anticipate electrical requirements based on everything in your booth space. Some clients have specialized equipment or pre-existing exhibit properties that are to be combined in the same booth space.

• 10 ft Display Rentals

We work closely with you to ensure that all of your needs are met with friendly, intuitive service! Our standard and custom rental designs can include slat wall, fabric murals, and built-in counters. Take a look at these 10 ft. exhibit designs to see the wide range of capabilities available. Custom graphics complete the design. Our exhibit rentals don’t look like rentals at all! Graphics Materials: Our tradeshow graphics are produced using the finest materials and techniques available. This provides you with a very durable reusable graphic that will look great show after show!

• 20 ft. Display Rentals

You can get some really great eye-catching exhibit designs in larger sized spaces. The ability to use large seamless printed fabric graphics in designs that have large mural areas gives quite an impressive look! Professional graphic design makes all the difference in the world. No one will think you could rent a trade show exhibit this good looking, this substantial and so uniquely tailored to you!

• Island Booth Exhibit Rentals

Cost-effective trade show exhibit rentals in Las Vegas and venues nationwide include transportation and set up. Perfect for ConExpo, SEMA, Money 20/20 and CES. Custom TurnKey trade show exhibit rentals from Image Design are the perfect solution for clients looking for an impressive presence and efficient use of space on the show floor. One of our most popular designs, the COV2020 exhibit provides a great open floor plan and great visibility on the show floor

• Two Story Double Deck Exhibit Rentals

Custom Double Deck rentals in Las Vegas and cites nationwide! Image Design Exhibit Rentals specializes in custom TurnKey two-story exhibit rentals! Pre-show invoicing covers transportation, set up and dismantle. The wide range of designs is perfect for 20×20 and larger Island booth spaces. It makes sense to rent a Double Deck exhibit, particularly in Las Vegas, the location of our main warehouse. Our proximity to Los Angeles and Anaheim help us provide cost-effective exhibit solutions in those venues as well.

Our Double Deck Exhibits are available in a range of sizes and styles.

We’ll help with a custom design according to your requirements. We can provide meeting rooms, lots of storage, custom graphics to provide you with the look you want. The following examples show a range of designs and styles available.

We provide high quality private label Orbus trade show booths & trade show exhibits
• Orbus Formulate Fabric Backwalls
Lightweight orbus fabric displays that feature an easy-to-assemble aluminum frame and pillowcase graphics. Available in multiple lines, from economy to premium to modular, providing a quality display for every exhibiting space.
• Formulate Backwall Display Accessories
Enhance your display with Formulate® back wall accents and accessories. Additional space for messaging, counters, monitor mounts and more are available.
• Vector Frame orbus Modular Displays
Vector Frame™ modular displays are available in Master and Essential collections and come with a wide variety of accessories and customization options.
• Hybrid Pro Modular Exhibits
Hybrid Pro™ modular exhibit kits are stylish, off-the-shelf display solutions that can reconfigure between 10ft and 20ft exhibits. Quality and versatility.
• Formulate Designer series
This is one of our premium lines in our fabric display collection, DesignerLine Lite features unique angles, features and stylistic elements making them modern and sophisticated exhibit solutions.
• Formulate orbus Island Exhibits
Formulate® Island Exhibits feature unique 20′ x 20′ and 20′ x 30′ designs, as well as large, elevated display areas to broadcast your brand.
• Formulate Hanging Signs
Formulate® orbus Hanging Signs and Structures project your brand across an event or trade show floor. Multiple sizes and designs are available.