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BOD10 Truss Display Exhibit

Our 10′ curved trade show truss display with counters and slat wall

The BOD10 three panel trade show truss display exhibit with curved end sections is stylish, yet compact.  This great 10′ trade show display will showcase your company and products while adding professional looking flair.  It has great storage and merchandise display space on the two shelves, and inside the counter.

Visibility and Style

The center panel is largest for your main message and the two curved sides catch viewers from each direction down the aisle. The contemporary look of our flat tube truss makes all the difference in the world…and it’s standard in 7 different colors!






Bodega Truss Exhibit with 2 Cases………$4,697
Weight: 240 pounds
Truss color: (Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)
Laminate color: (if ordering laptop shelves, laminate shelves, or a counter) (Black, Grey Nebula or Woodgrain)
Metal Shelf color: (Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)
Slatwall color: Wrinkle black, Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)
Fabric color: (velcro compatible fabric used in slatwall base panel or counter base)(Blue, Silver, Black , Other) 

Hardware rental cost $2160


75 watt halogen clamp-on lights $75 each (3 included)
Literature shelves $38 each (4 shown)
Laptop shelves $129 each (0 shown)
Vertical truss mount small LCD mounts $161 each (0 shown)
Hanging plasma mount $375 each (0 shown)
Freestanding counter $963 each (1 shown)
46” wide flat aluminum shelf $116 each (0 shown)
46” wide slant aluminum shelf $125 each (0 shown)
46” wide flat laminate shelf $143 each (0 shown)
46” wide merchandising bar $52 each (0 shown)

Standard Graphic Sizes

Panel Panel Size Viewable Graphic Size Notes
Panel A 46.75” x 81.5” 45.25” x 80”  
Panel B 47.5” x 81.5” 46” x 80”  
Panel C 46.75” x 81.5” 45.25” x 80”  

This Truss Display is also available for rent at:

BOD10 Truss Display Exhibit

When you rent a Truss Trade Show Display, it’s totally turnkey, including delivery, set up and dismantle services!

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