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PAS10 Truss Display Exhibit

Folding Truss Exhibit Display

Straight flat wall truss with unique graphic header.

This PAS10 10 foot straight wall  truss exhibit design  and maximizes your floor space with super size mural panel, unique graphic logo header, custom truss frame podium and a kiosk for your monitor. The mural size is so prominent that your marketing message will be the main focus, framed by a strong truss structure that shows you mean business. Displays on the Net can help you create an outstanding visual to get you more than notice.


The truss display exhibit that offers amazingly simple set up!

The color coded plans below show you how easy this exhibit is to set up on the trade show! Even if you didn’t have the instructions it wouldn’t take long to have your exhibit complete and ready to go!





Pasadena Truss Exhibit with 2 Cases………$3,234
Weight:240 pounds

Truss color: (Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)

Laminate color: (if ordering laptop shelves, laminate shelves, or a counter) (Black, Grey Nebula or Woodgrain)

Metal Shelf color: (Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)

Slatwall color: Wrinkle black, Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)

Fabric color: (velcro compatible fabric used in slatwall base panel or counter base) (Blue, Silver, Black , Other)


60 watt soffet strip lights $86 each (3 included)
literature shelves $38 each (0 shown)
laptop shelves $129 each (0 shown)
vertical truss mount small LCD mounts $161 each (1 shown)
Hanging plasma mount $375 each (1 shown)
designer counter $1,021 (1 shown)

Standard Graphic Sizes

Panel Panel Size Viewable Graphic Size Notes
Panel A 115” x 11.5”   chisel point ends
Panel B 82” x 75.75” 80.5” x 74.25”  
Panel C 80.5” x 11.5” 80.5” x 11.5”  
Panel D 14” x 14” 14” x 14” optional accessory
Panel E 21” x 38” 21” x 38” optional accessory
Panel F 24.5” x 24” 24.5” x 24” optional accessory

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