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IRV1020 Truss Display Exhibit


Attention getting 20 ft trade show display with curving graphic mural panels

Three curving graphic mural panels give this trade show display a spectacular look, will increased number of sales leads received on the show floor. This design has a bold curved shape seems to defy gravity. It’s the perfect way to present something new or bring life to something old.  It’s attention grabbing.

Ride the curl of the wave with your trade show display mural graphics

The curled shape of the wall gives you the equivalent of a 10′ height in an in line booth space that limits your booth display to 8′.  That’s another 40 square feet of space available for your trade show graphics and that makes a big difference.  Stock up on  your collateral material, you’re going to need more than usual.  Displays on the Net is here to help!



Hillcrest Truss Exhibit with 1 Tub………$9,515
Weight: 440 pounds
Truss color: (Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)
Laminate color: (if ordering laptop shelves, laminate shelves, or a counter) (Black, Grey Nebula or Woodgrain)
Metal Shelf color: (Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)
Slatwall color: Wrinkle black, Silver, Black, White, Red, Gray or Blue)
Fabric color: (velcro compatible fabric used in slatwall base panel or counter base)(Blue, Silver, Black , Other) 

Hardware rental cost $3,632


60 watt soffet strip lights $86 each (3 included)
Hanging LCD mounts $161 each (1 shown)
Hanging plasma mount $375 each (1 shown)
Oval designer counter $1,775 (1 shown)

Standard Graphic Sizes

Panel Panel Size Viewable Graphic Size Notes
Panel A 76.5” x 11.5” 76.5” x 11.5”  
Panel B 95.25” x 11.5” 95.25” x 11.5”  
Panel C 47.5” x 82.75” 46” x 81.25”  
Panel D 78” x 11.5” 78” x 11.5”  
Panel E 93.5” x 82.75” 92” x 81.25”  
Panel F 95.25” x 11.5” 95.25” x 11.5”  
Panel G 47.5” x 82.75” 46” x 81.25”  
Panel H 95.25” x 11.5” 95.25” x 11.5”  
Panel I 11.5” x 11.5” 11.5” x 11.5”  
Panel J 47.5” x 9” 24” x 24” Optional Counter

This Truss Display is also available for rent at:

IRV1020 Truss Display Exhibit

When you rent a Truss Trade Show Display, it’s totally turnkey, including delivery, set up and dismantle services!

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