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Portamural Tension Fabric Pop Up

Pre-attached printed fabric graphic Pop Up Displays

These very lightweight portables use the same patented technology as our popular curved wall photo mural displays but the high quality dye sublimation tension fabric graphic stays attached to the frame so all you do is open the frame and you’re done! Table tops are available in straight wall style and also provide the same solid look. display that features a beautifully, dye-sublimation printed graphic on tension fabric fitted smoothly over an easy to set up pop up frame. The relatively low cost gives you a substantial look with a solid looking 12″ depth on the straight wall display and 6″ on the curve wall booth style. This graphic covers the front and both sides.

Perfect resolution comes from sophisticated equipment that creates a special chemical photograph used to actually dye the image into the fabric. On a scale of 1-10, with the resolution of our Pop Up Displays at a 10, our PortaMural system is at about 8.5…an almost imperceptible difference from 10 ft away. Quality is close to a photographic process, the difference is the medium..a photograph vs fabric with a photograph dyed into it. Still, you will be amazed at the image quality and richness of color, so important on the trade show floor.

These are great displays to carry under your arm or quick fly off to your trade show in Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Anaheim…wherever your next trade show is, it doesn’t get easier than this!

5ft-table-top-portamural 8ft-table-top-portamural trade-show-10-ft-porta-mural-display
$695.00  $1495 $1,795.00
5 ft PortaMural 8 ft PortaMural 10 ft PortaMural Display


  curve stretch fabric display  
  10 ft Curve Instant Up  




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