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Custom Modular Laminate Trade Show Booth System

Smart custom modular laminate booth design from Displays On The Net


Towering looks, modularity and flexibility are just a few of the benefits to this design. The 15′ high custom laminate panel tower has a full size door to access storage and features flush fit backlit graphics at the top corners.

Double sided work stations create and effective booth design capable of telling your story on the show floor and demonstrating your services to the maximum number of prospects each day of the show.

The real genius of premium quality modular laminate display

Set up is easy because parts are standardized sizes. Laminate panels are manufactured with exclusive benefits not available on other laminate displays. The patented locking mechanism ensures that all seams line up perfectly. The easy slide and lock tabs on each panel make set up a snap. The color coded numbering system is totally visible in the front loading wheeled shipping tubs. Set up instructions are professional state of the art quality. Manufactured right here in Los Angeles.

Flexible design lets you change from 10 x 20 to 20 x 20

Because half of the panels are 2′ wide and half are 4′ wide, you can reconfigure this for 10′ x 20′ exhibits. That’s another reason we like modular work stations.. They can become the main backwall in a 10′ x 20′ or be moved perpendicular to the aisle with the custom laminate wall in back.

Center Tower $13,500   Work Stations $2855 each
Custom Graphics $9235    9′ x 3.5′ Hanging Sign $2995

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