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10′ x 10′ Portable with Backlit Logo Sign

Nothing beats the look and feel of quality. Whether it’s your customer’s perceptions about your organization or how you feel about using a particular product. The quality of our SUPER pop up display system is world class in every respect.

The Back Lit Logo header sign is an exclusive feature found only at professional exhibit houses that sell Skyline, Nomadic or Abex displays at double the cost of this system.

The Lifetime warranty of the graphics and hardware is unmatched in the industry. The patented self aligning magnet panel system reduces the number of parts of pretty much any pop up sold on the internet by 66{90c79b6297821465fc0ae36b5866aab27267bf0c3046b327982cb666a1d95ecf}. The lifetime warranty is supported by our factory here in Los Angeles.

SUPER System with Backlit Header Hardware and Lights, Fabric Case to Counter Conversion kit $1395

  • Backlit Logo Duratans Graphic $395
  • Four front photomural panels @ $395 each, N/C ends $1580
  • Total $3370/ $2870 With 200 watt halogen Wall Washer Lamps, Mural Graphics Only


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