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TensionLite Custom Modular – Design B

TensionLite Custom Modular
Design B

TensionLite Custom Modular displays are packed in convenient canvas bags and ship in heavy duty boxes.
Optional wheeled shipping cases are available and custom selected according to your needs. Quoted separately.

Show your full product and service offerings with this 5-panel design that maximizes open floor space. The eye catching, symmetrical design organizes your multi-point marketing message perfectly. The wider panels flanking the center provide larger image or text space. The taller ones on the end retain visual attention with less width. This design uses Wall # 8 in the middle, flanked by wall sections 10 and 11 on either side.

A 10’ version maintains the same attractive symmetrical design with the branding panel on the right, Product andFeature / benefit panels on the left.

Two 8’ displays provide maximum functionality for industry specific shows.

 Summary of possible re-configurations