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    TensionLite Modular Series 20ft Exhibit Design 1


    All TensionLite Custom Modular Exhibits are versatile and reconfigurable.. Their modular pre-defined 20ft wide inline Designs can reconfigure easily into 10ft wide displays and be repurposed as individual banners with no extra parts, pieces or packaging. These exhibits s are comprised of various aluminum tube frame banners with unique curves, shapes and corners. Frames feature printed pillowcase fabric graphics that slip over easily and zip at the bottom. Linking clips connect the frames together at a 180-degree angle and universal feet connect the tube frames at the bottom. Exhibits come in durable, portable carry bags and optional expandable cases are available as an upgrade. TensionLite Modular 20ft Design 1 consists of four curved fabric banners. Design 1 can reconfigure into a 10ft display (Design 5) and can also be repurposed as individual banners. Versatile, simple and smart displays help exhibitors maximize their display value. $3,595 when shipped in canvas carry bags.

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    Product Description

    State-of-the-art 30mm curved aluminum tube frames with snap button and spigot assembly. Easy to assemble, store and ship . Designs include banners, stabilizing feet, connecting clips, zipper pillowcase fabric graphics and portable carry bags . Expandable storage/transportation cases are an optional upgrade. Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects.

    Additional Information

    Weight 67 lbs
    Dimensions 31.74 × 233.83 × 96 in