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Pop Up Product Comparison

Displays on the Net Brand Products Out performs the Competition Hands Down!


Many imports use locking spacer bars at every hub junction. In many cases, import frames have 21 total, including ones at the very top difficult to connect. The Graphic Package versions we sell have only 5, within easy reach.

Many frames are heavy, sometimes stiff and hard to open. They require so many locking bars because they don’t have diagonal crossbars in the squares. Expanding frames are like machines and the X members balance them. Without them the frames are inappropriately stressed and not as durable. The major brands in the US and Europe have diagonal cross bars almost without exception.

Compared to US Industry Standard products, off brands appear to be Junior size. Up to one foot of graphic area width wise is generally lost due to less wide front panels and giant round end panels. End panels are not usable as critical image area for graphics.

Put Your Name in LIGHTS


Displays on the Net Premium 200 watt Halogens are twice as bright as the imports whose lights are not adequate on the show floor; not as bright and less illuminated wall washing coverage. You and your high resolution graphic image need to stand out on the show floor, not blend in! The design of the Magnet bars on Displays On The Net products are Patented, Pre-Connected for fast, easy set up. Double row magnets work with self aligning panels for a perfect, effortless, seamless fit.



Most imports have 21 individual magnet bars (pictured left) vs. just 7 Pre-Connected (shown right). Commonly used generic lights often have separate power cords and light bracket pieces used to attach the lights. Assembly requires the user to stand on a chair to attach to the top of the display, on the top hub behind the fabric panels.

When it Comes to Value for Your Dollar… It’s an Open and Shut Case!


Import case two – latch mechanisms are generally not as strong as Displays on the Net style which uses four latches…important to keep case contents in during rough and tumble UPS shipping. Import cases do not have recessed wheels making them prone to damage in transit.


Import cases are are injection molded plastic which is less durable than Rotational molded ABS, which is also recyclable.


Precision Engineered For Lightweight Ease and Long Term Durability

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