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Portamural Photo Fabric

 Impress customers with a high impact PortaMural printed fabric pop-up trade show display.

This economical and lightweight display has an interchangeable smooth, seamless fabric graphic that collapses down with the frame and fits within a duffel size bag. The durable frame and integrated fabric graphic sets up easy, without tools in just a couple of minutes to create a fantastic visual environment.

PortaMural Curved Display PortaMural Flat Displays


PortaMural Podiums
 Starting at $ 1825
 Starting at $ 1725
 Optional shipping case conversions vary

The seamless, high resolution graphic is a dye sublimation fabric graphic. When the unit is set up the graphic unfolds with the frame and stretches to form a completely smooth image across the entire display frame.

Accessories can be added like lights, rotomolded hard shipping case with wheels and handle and case to podium conversion kit. The PortaMural is a low cost, lightweight, fabric mural sign that’s easy to use and effective on the show floor. Whether it’s for Special Events, Conventions, Trade Shows, Press Conferences, Retail Signage or Photo Shoots the PortaMural will exceed your expectations

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PortaMural® Trade Show Displays on the Net offers high quality US made tension fabric graphic backdrop displays that hop up into position to present your marketing message with the crisp print quality only possible using the dye sublimation process. Your artwork is printed on a specially made photograph then heat dyed into the fabric with amazing results on the tradeshow floor! This fabric pop up convention booth display uses an aluminum display frame that’s strong, durable and lightweight! PortaMural is one of the finest options of trade show products sold on the internet!

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