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Light Weight Portable Trade Show Displays

 Light weight portable trade show displays from Displays on the Net offer exceptional value. All are full height and width, at industry standard dimensions. (Off brand and import products are  smaller). Quality features include pre-connected magnet bars designed to automatically position fabric panels to be aligned seamlessly, Roto-molded cases instead of injection molded process (impact resistant, not brittle) die cut protective foam padding for all components that pack in the wheeled shipping case..a host of features you wouldn’t expect in a light weight portable displays. All that equates to a set up that is simple for the first time user!

Light Weight Portable Display side by side comparison

10 ft Trade Show Pop-Up Displays

10 Ft light weight pop-up displays are the most popular portable trade show exhibit systems on the market. American made displays are manufactured from the highest quality aircraft grade drawn aluminum tubing for strength and durability. Our graphic panels are printed at 1200 DPI on state of the art HP printers and are then laminated for extra protection and durability. For more versatility, velcro-receptive fabric displays allow quick swapping of graphics. Both fabric and graphic 10 ft pop-ups come complete with your choice of cases and case-to-podium conversion kit.


10 ft Curved Pop-Up Displays
Starting At $1245.00. View All Fabric, Photo Mural and Back Lit Logo Curve Pop Up Displays


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10 ft Flat Wall Pop-Up Displays
Starting At $1495.00. Quality engineering means perfect looks at every show even on our Flat Wall Models

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10 ft Serpentine Pop-Up Display10_ft_Pop_Up_Wave_Trade_Show_Display
Starting At $1795.00. Our unique 10 ft Wave display provides an a different look in a space saving design


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Light weight portable trade shows display | PortaMural

This graphic covers the front and both sides. Perfect resolution comes from sophisticated equipment that creates a special chemical photograph used to actually dye the image into the fabric. On a scale of 1-10, with the resolution of our Pop Up Displays at a 10, our PortaMural system is at about 8.5…an almost imperceptible difference from 10 ft away. Quality is close, the difference is the medium..a photograph vs fabric with a photograph dyed into it. Still, you will be amazed at the image quality and richness of color, so important on the trade show floor.

The relatively low cost gives you a substantial look with a solid looking 12″ depth on the straight wall display and 6″ on the curve wall booth style. Table tops are available in straight wall style and also provide the same solid look. display that features a beautifully, dye-sublimation printed graphic on tension fabric fitted smoothly over an easy to set up pop up frame.

5 ft Display | PortaMural
8 ft Display | PortaMural
10 ft Display | PortaMural
5ft-table-top-portamural 8ft-table-top-portamural trade-show-10-ft-porta-mural-display
$695.00  $1495.00 $1,795.00
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10 ft TensionLite Trade Show Displays

The ultimate Light weight portable!

High resolution image is dye sublimated into the fabric itself. The stretch fabric pillow cases over an aluminum tube frame which enables this style to be the lightest of all portable display products.


10 ft TensionLite Curved Display
Starting At $1295.00. Light weight pillow case style printed Tension Fabric on a graceful curve frame


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10 ft TensionLite Vertical Curve Display10 ft tensionLite vertical curve display
Starting At $1395.00. Eye catching vertical curve model gets noticed but keeps set up fast and easy!


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10 ft TensionLite Sloping Curve PLUS DisplayStarting At $2195.00    TensionLite Sloping Curve sets you apart from the crowd. perfect for reconfiguration to larger trade show booth spaces.


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10 ft Wave Plus TensionLite DisplayStarting At $3990.00 TensionLite PLUS provides a unique Shape, once piece graphic, flat screen and product shelving features.


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10 ft TensionLite Serpentine PLUS Starting at $3500.00. The TensionLite PLUS with Standoff wall adds a uique 3D look to your graphic design.


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20 ft Trade Show Pop-Up Displays

 When you have a 10 ft x 20 ft. In-line display and need a big presence with a light weight portable display, these are amazing options. The beauty of our Pop Up Displays is the spectacular quality of our photo mural panels. our light weight portable pop up displays have an art gallery quality image 20′ long.

20 ft Flat Wall PLUS Display
Starting At: $3,350.00.   High Tech, simple elegant lines

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20 ft Serpentine Pop-Up Displays
Starting At: $2,460.00. Our Serpentine Curve wall booth display maintains strict tolerances needed to present a flowing 20′ seamless photo mural look.

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20 ft Gull Wing Pop-Up Displays
Starting At: $2,200.00.  The 20′ Gullwing is perfect for using two separate meeting areas in front of the display. Organizes Company and Product information on a single background perfectly.

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20 ft TensionLite Trade Show Displays

 TensionLite takes Light weight portable to a new high. The single one piece fabric graphic will stun even the pickiest with unexpected image quality.

20 ft TensionLite Curve Display Starting At: $2,100.00 The amazing 20 ft curve TensionLite is lightweight and provides a truly seamless look across the entire 20′.

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20 ft TensionLite Serpentine Display
Starting At: $2,100.00. The 20 ft TensionLite Serpentine provides a one piece seamless.

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Displays on the Net, located at 1107 South Flower Street, Burbank, CA, right in the heart  of the L.A. media district, offers an exceptional array of high quality Pop Up display booths made here in Los Angeles. We offer both curve and straight wall displays in addition to 6’ and 8’ Table tops, all with a lifetime Guarantee. These exceptionally practical lightweight displays are built to the highest Industry Standards for full height and width. This is not true of imports and second tier trade show displays products which only have a total 9’ image area instead of 10’ and are visibly shorter. Other fine brands like Skyline Displays and Nomadic Displays share the same height and width with ours. Overall dimensions are 118” wide x 93” tall

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