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Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Custom Trade Show Exhibits are produced by our parent company, Image Design and Communications, Inc. Image Design is a Full Service Trade Show Exhibit House in Los Angeles providing booth displays for Anaheim, Los Angeles, Las Vegas. Image Design’s client base extends across the country and also assists exhibitors at other trade show venues like Orlando, Chicago and New York.

What makes Custom Trade Show Exhibits different?

Specialty areas of Custom Exhibits make extensive use of Display materials like Aluminum from Octanorm, printed tension fabric from Moss and of course, custom laminate counters and kiosks using wood and high pressure laminate. Custom exhibits cannot normally be set up by the exhibitor without utilizing the services of an on site labor source. Convention centers are under Union jurisdiction and labor rates of between $65 – $80 hr are set. We use Zenith LaborNet as our exclusive private union labor service provider. We have a long standing relationship with them and always receive excellent service.

Custom trade show exhibits are often more complex and generally used in larger booth spaces. It’s important that an electrical map be provided and power taped down on schedule before it’s time for carpet to be laid. If the schedule is off and the carpet is delayed, the exhibit cannot be set up and costly overtime rates can be incurred. Having the right partners like Airways Freight and Zenith LaborNet. In the long run, having a knowledgeable Exhibit House partner like Image Design and Communications and our service providers, you’ll save a lot of time, money and aggravation at your next trade show!

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