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Digitally Printed Flooring

Printed Trade Show Flooring

Make a statement with stunning printed flooring.

Digitally printed trade show flooring helps you take advantage of that expensive show real estate. It can simulate any environment or surface your products get used in your trade show floor can match other design elements in your trade show booth. Give Displays on the Net your art and we can bring your trade show marketing ideas to life.                                                                                                                         

These portable floors are protected by 2mm thick vinyl laminate that has the toughness needed to stand up to trade show traffic. They are more durable than foam puzzle floors. Set up and dismantling is simple no tapes or adhesives. Two 5′ x 10′ foam backed sheets go together to form a 10′ x 10′ floor or 4 sheets to make a 10′ x 20′. The anti-fatigue backer is easy on your feet and because it is closed cell foam it will not soak up spills or cleaning fluids. Clean the floor by swifter, mop or vacuum.  Price includes a hard, wheeled shipping case to protect your flooring during shipments.

Dye Sub Brumark Infusion™

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