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6 ft Table Top Booth Displays

At Displays on the Net, we’ve helped thousands of trade show exhibitors achieve a better return on their marketing dollars by providing well made, competitively priced exhibit systems as well as tradeshow graphic design and graphic production services. Our exhibit hardware prices represent 50% off savings over retail! Our Photomural and Header graphics are produced using a continuous tone, 100% photographic process, not ink jet printing. You enjoy a savings of 20%-40% on first quality graphics that come with a lifetime guarantee! Shipping Case upgrades and options such as shelving are available on most displays.

6′ Table Top Booth Display

6 Foot Table Top Display Booth

Cost: $795

Qty. Item
1 Frame-6 ft. Tabletop Frame
6 Hinged Channel Bars
1 Wheeled Shipping Case
1 200 Watt Halogen Light
2 Tabletop Front Panels
2 Tabletop End Panels (round)
  (graphics not included)

8' Table Top Display Booth, 8′ Table Top Display Header

Entasi CasesHorizontal Curved Sloping Left Custom Fabric Graphic Wall Display

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