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10ft Vertical Curved Wall Display with 2 Stand-Off Shelf Packages

10' Vertical Curved Wall Display with 2 Stand-Off Shelf Packages 


Entasi TableEntasi Cases

Cost: $3995 (Deduct $1000 for no Stand Offs)

Qty. Item
1 8’h x 10’w Frame
1 Custom Dye Sublimation Printed Fabric Graphic
2 18″ x 96″ Curved Stand Offs
2 Top Graphics For Stand Offs
2 Lower Graphic for Stand Offs
2 18″ Curved Stand Off Shelves
1 Large Travel Case


  • 20ft Vertical Curved with 2 Stand Off Shelf Packages and Arm Tables Display
  • 10ft Vertical Curved Display Booth
  • Vertical Curved Table Top Display for Trade Shows and Meetings
  • 10ft Custom Wave Crest Right with Horizontal Curve Stand Off
  • 10ft Flat Frame Display with Arm Table
  • Tension Fabric
  • Horizontal Curved Sloping Left Custom Fabric Graphic Wall Display

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