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November 13, 2010

Create flat panel fabric displays with the Nouveau aluminum display system.
Large taut fabric graphics with a minimalist frame system that
exudes style and structural integrity. Dye Sublimated SEG graphics
are the benchmark in fabric imaging.
Nouveau frame parts are as simple as they are elegant.
Create huge frames that accept large seamless graphics. Combine
multiple frames and mount, hang or stand using the optional feet
or available round base.
Define your next space using Nouveau or mount frames without creative compromise.
Single or double sided display, the extrusion accepts graphics on
either side. The frame is finished from any angle and with all the
available mounting options being developed, limitations are few.
Nouveau makes wire management easy for professional installers.
The lightweight construction makes Nouveau easy for installers to
mount and work with.
Nouveau The Repurpose King
Lightweight frames are made of aluminum that can be recycled.
Fabric graphics are shipped and stored at a fraction of the cost of
hard panel options. Repurpose the Nouveau frame in an existing
environment or create new frames by reconfiguring the size.
Great for media walls that get used by multiple organizations.

• Compliments any display
• See more graphic, less frame
• Mounted, hanging or self standing
• Customize size to meet your needs
• Expandable
• Compliments any existing display,
extrusion or other
• Extremely lightweight
• Single or double sided graphics
• Professional installers love Nouveau
because it’s lightweight, easily drilled
through and is perfect for wire management
• Looks great from any angle
• Easy to set up, break down, repurpose,
add graphics, ship and store
• Affordable

• Single or double sided
• Brilliant fabric graphics with flat panel look
• Easy graphic change out
• Fast system set-up
• Minimalist frame system you just see the graphic
• Stand your frames with a choice of 3 stylish feet
• Great for any wall management system especially
media walls in a permanent or mobile studio!

• Trade shows
• Space definition
• Room dividers
• Interior hanging signs
• Lobbies and office interiors
• Huge wall murals, single or multiple frames
• Retail, permanent or modular systems that hang one
day and stand the next
• Permanent or portable for any applications

Parts/Accessories Weight Cost
Extrusion 0.5 lbs per foot $11 per linear foot
Corner Brace 0.2 lbs each $16.00 each
Lateral Joint 0.3 lbs each $24.00 each
Lateral Foot 4.5 lbs each $87.00 each
Round Base 7.5 lbs each $87.00 each
Horizontal Foot 1 lb each $69.00 each
Flower Base 4.5 lbs each $87.00 each
Peanut Base 2.8 lbs each $87.00 each
Narrow Angle Bracket 0.2 lbs each $23.50 each
Wide Angle Bracket 0.2 lbs each $23.50 each
Silicone Strip 0.05 lbs per foot N/A
Kaleidoscope Select 4
color SEG* fabric graphic
N/A $14.50 per sqft
Colossus Select 4
color SEG* fabric graphic
N/A $14.50 per sqft

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