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Rectangular Trade Show Counter with Locking Storage Option

Rectangular Traditional Cabinet Counter with GraphicsThe Rectangular Traditional Cabinet is 32″ length x 22″ wide x 29″, 36″ or 42″ high with four choices of counter top colors and choice of many fabric colors for base. This cabinet has an open back. Weight: 29″ high is 32 lbs, 33″ high is 38 lbs, 42″ high is 40 lbs.

Rectangular Traditional Cabinet Counter with GraphicsRectangular Traditional Cabinet Counter without Graphics

Without Graphics


  • 29″ high – $660
  • 33″ high – $680
  • 42″ high – $710
  • Fabric Color Options:
    • Coal and Eclipse = three day lead time.
    • All other colors = one week lead time
  • Counter Top Color Options:
    • Black = three day lead time.
    • Other colors = one week lead time.
  • Additional Options:
    Item Cost
    Graphic Front Panel for 24″w x 29″h $65
    Graphic Front Panel for 24″w x 33″h $70
    Graphic Front Panel for 24″w x 42″h $90
    Locking Back Side Door 24″w x 29″h or 24″w x 33″h or 24″w x 42″h $200
    14″x 24″ Shelf Kit with poles and support clips $40
    Wire Management Grommet $16
    Rotomolded 43″ x 25″ x 7″-13″ Deep Shipping Case with Wheels, 34 lbs (1 counters per case) $290


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