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20 ft TensionLite Serpentine Display

Our 20′ TensionLite Serpentine Display is the ultimate in frame-graphic technology! Create a stunning 3-dimensional display in a SNAP! Diferent frame configurations, two planes for integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a playground to create dramatic effects with endless design possibilities!  

20 ft TensionLite Serpentine Display20 ft TensionLite Serpentine display $1,995.00 Graphic Spec Sheet


Includes: 20′ serpentine modular aluminum frame Dye Sub printed PolyMesh fabric Padded frame bags 2 Nylon zippered carry bags Setup instructions Display Options: Add Rotomolded Case, Add Graphic case conversion skirt Add lighting Display Dimensions: Width: 96″ Height: 120″ Depth: 32” Weight: 118 lbs

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